July 10, 2009

Apple apps to not waste your time with.

Hey guys on this post I'll be puting apps I've that are not worth your time so you don't have to waste your time trying out.

cube® Party Roundup (Free) - Usually I love these car promo games (Ex. Audi A4, Volkswagon Polo). But this one was just bad all together. Not only does it take forever to load (for the unlucky few it actually loads for) but the best part of it is being able to customize your car (which was lacking its self) In the App Store it has a 2.5/5 I personally don't even think it's worthy of a one star it was really just that bad. I feel I should be compensated for the time I took to try this game out. So my final rating is 1/10 sorry Nissan you'll just have to do better next time... much better.

July 4, 2009

New iPod firmware 3.0

Hey everyone alot of you that see this will probably have 2.2.1 firmware and are looking to jailbreak it. Well the 3.0 firmware is out and it has a jailbreak of its own now. As soon as I upgrade My iPod and jailbreak it I'll create a video on how to do it and upload it to my youtube channel. Until then you can either continue to jailbreak your iPod touch 2.2.1 or hold off and get the 3.o and jailbreak. I'll also create a video on how to get the upgrade for free.

June 11, 2009

Cracked Apps Getting Deleted During iTunes Sync?

Until now everytime I would try to sync my Cracked .IPA's to iTunes they would just be removed altho I don't know the exact cause of why it's doing it I have figured out some ways to fix it.

1. Go into Installous and under settings switch the "iTunes Sync" switch to off. This will make it so the cracked .IPA's will not be removed from iTunes but they also wont get added to your iTunes library in the case your apps get removed from your jailbroken device you will need to redownload them all. So this is just masking the problem.

2. This will actually fix the problem to a point. If you want to be able to sync your apps to iTunes so you can remove them and readd them later you will need to get on your computer and go to the appulo website: www.appulo.us this is the desktop version of your Installous app. Search the app you want to add to your iTunes library and download it to the file:
C:\Users\Your Username\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications.
If your Mobile Applications file isn't there open up your iTunes and under the Applications right click any app and select if on vista "Show in Windows Explorer" this might be different on an XP computer. After adding the files to that folder go into iTunes and add the files to the library by going File -> Add Folder to Library then select the Mobile Applications folder. As soon as those files are added to your library you can sync the apps to your device.

As soon as I find out how to sync it from Installous to iTunes I'll post it.

June 4, 2009

Love the SIMS?

Well as of Yesterday June 03 The Sims 3 has been released on the Ipod Touch/Iphone. With great graphics and the traditional sims music. This is one of the better games avalible on Apple devices. It's easy to use and fun to play, If you love The Sims this is definately a great game to get. You can have Three sims per Ipod/Iphone. In the App Store this game will go for $9.99 (but its already been added to installous) it has already won the IGN Editor's Choice and PocketGamer Gold Award with a 9/10.

Here's some of the features.

Create a Sim - change the personality, clothing, hair, shoes, all the normal mumbo jumbo usually avalible in the Sims games.

Explore Locations - Walk around your neighborhood (no two neighborhoods will be the same), and explore around town.

Keep 'em satisfied - like usual you will have to keep them fed, hydrated, social, entertained, clean and energized all to keep them happy.

Dream Big - there are 73 Goals to unlock from gardening to cooking, even kicking over garbage cans is a goal!

Long live the sims - like always your sims can reproduce and if you keep your family alive the game will never end!

Some problems with this game I have already found include: Game uses alot of memory and if your listening to music it has a tendency to fource quit, There arn't a ton of options to choose for your sims style there's probably about five options per category, if it closes during the tutorial it will restart from the begining So Stop Your Music!
I've just started playing this game so I'll update what I think of it as I go.

Here's some Pics of it I took:

May 31, 2009

Broken home or power buttons? Here's the solution!

Recently I Came across a program called mQuickDo by mcleaner it's basically a virtual home and power button with alot of options other than that. Some of its features are but arn't limited to, option to "Respring" your device, sleep mode (usually done by taping the power button), lock mode, Home, quick access dock, and I love this one it even gives you the option to completely close out an application and ill explain what I mean by that.
When you use the applications Mail and Safari after you close them using the home button those two apps don't completely close out they run in the background and use up precious virtual memory. mQuickDo gives you the option to open up it's menu (slide your finger across the top or bottom depending where you have the quick access bar.) after opening up the menu if you drag an open app the the left side of the screen it will completely close out the app saving you virtual memory to play your games. If you've used one of the apps like FreeMemory you'll know exactly what im talking about since it's basically the same thing.
Also by opening up the mQuickDo menu you can get a quick access dock what this is is you can open up the mQuickDo menu even when other applications are running. When the menu is open at the bottom there is (up to five icons) on the dock you can open. By opening a new app it will automatically close out the app your in and open up the new one. Another cool feature of the quick access dock is it puts a dock on your lock screen so if you open your lockscreen there will be the dock if you use the dock it will unlock your device and start the app (this will turn off your passcode if you have one).
This app is avalible in Cydia after you add "All Sources" unfortunatly this is not a free app it costs 8 dollars but they do give you a free 3 day trial. this is a great app if your buttons arn't working correctly and your out of warranty. Even if your buttons arn't broken I still Recommend it just because it will extend the life of your device. Eight bucks is a hell of a lot less then 2 -3 hundred
Here's a direct link to the mQuickDo part of mcleaners website. http://mcleaner.com/iphone_w/mquickdo.shtml
While your at it they make good products so check those out also.

May 23, 2009

Ipod Completely and Helplessly Frozen? Not Anymore!

Yesterday my friend gave me his Ipod touch 2G which he thought might be completely frozen so I took a look at it and I found the solution is farly easy but took some time to complete. Also today I was searching the web and I found out someone else was having the same problem so I know it wasn't just a freak accident. Here's the steps to fix your problem.

1. Turn off your Ipod Touch.
2. unplug it from your computer if it was plugged in.
3. Put it into DFU mode. (don't worry if it doesn't get past the boot logo it can still go into DFU mode.) instructions below if you don't know how to do it.
4. if Itunes opens up saying it recognises an ipod in restore mode youve done it right so far.
5. Download the origional Firmware from Itunes or from Here. (this will take about 20 mins.)
6. Restore your Ipod to the origional Firmware.
If all that works your ipod will be fixed and if you want to you can re-jailbreak it.

How to put Ipods into DFU mode.
1. Unplug Ipod touch from computer and turn off.
2. Hold Power and Home buttons while you plug ipod in. (hold for ten seconds.)
3. let go of power and continue holding home until itunes recognises it as ipod in restore mode.

May 15, 2009

Old Programs

OK so last Monday I was tired of my computer running kind of slowly so for that reason mostly and because of an pesky virus I accidentally downloaded I decided that the easiest way to fix my problems was to reformat my computer so until yesterday my computer was down for maintenance while I reformated it and redownloaded the updates and drivers for it. Anyway today as I was deleting the old files from my old setup I found a couple of games I created for my programing class and some other random programs. So I decided what the heck I'll upload them to Megaupload and see what people think. Now keep in mind these arn't games that you'll find on any professionally done CD but they are kinda fun and no installation is necessary to run them they don't take up any room practically since both of them are 600kb put together.

The first game I have uploaded is Roulette its a very easy layout and can give you about ten minutes of entertainment for free (pretty good huh?) Since I did this for a class I didn't put a save feature which would have been cool and I wish I did. You start with 5000 and any money you put in the bank increases with every roll.


The second game I have is Tic-Tac-Toe for this game to have any fun you should use 2 people since there's no "computer" feature. At the bottom of the game it tells you whos turn it is so you never get lost halfway through the game.


Anyway like I said pretty ameture games but hey 5 mins of entertainment is worth something right? Anyway if you choose to download them tell me what you think good or bad I don't mind feedback is good no matter what kind.

May 11, 2009

Internet Help Caution

Ok here's a point I feel I must bring up. Recently (before I jailbroke
my Ipod) I was looking for safe effective ways to do it and I stumbled
across a site (techlivez.com) which had a way to jailbreak Ipods with
what they say works well while looking at the site I noticed that there
method was very outdated so to make sure it didn't work I read their
comments and found that every comment was from a person who had
trouble. Well naturally I posted a comment saying that I had a way to
do it safely so people wouldn't have problems. To post comments on
their site you had to sign up. Ever since signing up I've recieved
email upon email that were comments from more people having problems.
More and more people were falling victom to the internets outdated
information so by writing this I'm hoping to keep at least one
person from becoming a victom.

Here's some things to look for so you don't become like the others.
1. Make sure your using the best version.

2. If the site lets people comment read the comments if there's alot of
bad comments Ex. (This made my computer crash! Help!) if you see that
and there's no response from the site administrator then steer clear.

3. Make sure you know what your doing! ask around if there's some one
who knows what there doing ask some questions. I'm always avalible for
questions on my youtube site I know alot about computers and I can
possibly help out.

4. If it seems like it's to complicated there probably is an easier way.

5. Don't trust everything you read on the internet you could download
or use something incorrectly and end up messing up your computer.

Always be sure of everything on the list if you have questions ask me
and I'll help I will help you as much as possible to build up trust with
my viewers.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a little shout out to all you mothers out there to have a good time on your special day. I'm right now about to get my mom a present for today I might post a twitter picture when i get it so follow me on twitter to see what i get!

Here's a little quote from former president Bush about mothers I've thought was funy.
"If your a single mother with two children, which is the toughest job in america as far as I'm concerned, and your working hard to put food on your family" ~George W Bush

On an unrelated note I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything lately I've been busy with school and I'll add a new youtube video on my channel soon (probably next weekend) and add more posts on here (hopefully sooner). But like always if you ever have questions I answer them as soon as i get them.

April 30, 2009

New Quick Freedom Version 1.2.0

Unlike in the last version of Quick Freedom version 1.1.0 Jailbreak was the only option but they added two more options to the load screen. The new additions are Boot logo which allows you to change your boot screen and your DFU screen with out having to completely rejailbreak your Ipod/Iphone just create a new firmware like if you were jailbreaking put your Ipod into DFU mode and restore just like in the actual jailbreak process but here's the best part it doesn't delete your stored info on your Ipod! **Your Ipod has to be jailbroken to use this feature tho**
And they were also kind enough to add a trouble shooting feature so that you can get extra help if you need it. (but as you know my sites are better help)

Here's 2 links to the Newest version of Quick Freedom http://www.filefactory.com/file/age57b6/n/Setup_exe

Ill post a new step by step video on how to use it easily and correctly until then either check it out or use my old video!

April 25, 2009

Why Jailbreak?

There are alot of people that ask why would I want to jailbreak my Ipod or Iphone? There are over 2 million jailbroken Ipods/Iphones out there
Rumor One - Jailbreaking your Ipod/Iphone shortens the battery life.
Truth - This is not true the only reason it would seem that way is people tend to use their Ipods/Iphones more often. My solution? Turn your backlight down or off this will extend your battery life.
Rumor Two - You can "Brick" your Ipod/Iphone by jailbreaking it.
Truth - It's nearly impossibe to brick your Ipod/Iphone to "Brick" your Ipod/Iphone you have to destroy the hardware pretty much any software issue that people say "Bricked" their Ipod/Iphone can be fixed.
Rumor Three -Jailbreaking voids your wannanty.
Truth - 99% of the time you can restore your Ipod/Iphone before you bring it back to Apple the other 1% of the time your Ipod/Iphone is so messed up that they wouldn't be able to read the software.
Rumor Four - Jailbreaking Slows your Ipod/Iphone.
Truth - The jailbreak doesn't slow your Ipod/Iphone some users Ipod/Iphones are slow because they have way to many apps on their device so if yours starts running slow delete the old apps you don't use anymore.
Now here's some reasons why you should jailbreak your device.
#1 Installous
Download almost any App Store application for free straight onto your Ipod Touch/Iphone and be able to sync them to Itunes just like if you used the App Store. Search through games, books, photography even weather to find that app that you wanted.
#2 Use Winterboard and Cydia to download and install themes to your Ipod/Iphone
Tired of the black background and boring Sliders? Well all you need is Cydia and Winterboard. Use Cydia to search through thousands of themes and find that perfect theme (I'm working on my own layout creator for download I'll upload it soon) Don't want any static background? There are backgrounds that change picture every so often and also video backgrounds.
#3 Thousands of third party apps to download
With Apple's way to strict rules of what can and can't be sold in their app store also with the 100 dollar service charge many good apps wont ever get seen in the app store but with your jailbroken Ipod/Iphone you'll have access to more apps then you can handle so go wild.
#4 BossPrefs
adds more settings to your Ipod/Iphone don't want bluetooth or Wifi on to save battery? Turn them off here partially manage your mail app here. Add a numeric battery icon to your status bar. Find out how much free disk space there is on your Ipod/Iphone without having to use your computer. Disable Apple's killswitch so they can't remove apps they don't like off your Ipod/Iphone. Last but not least Hide Icons we all have icons we don't use and don't want to look at (Itunes, Stocks, Etc. . .) with Hide Icons you can remove those pesky icons from your springboard.
#5 OpenSSH
Manually manage your Ipod/Iphone's directorys with OpenSSH thousands of possibilities. Change your themes add Roms for your emulators and much more. Caution how you use it you could delete or romove something you need.
#6 Completely Reversible
Don't like your Ipod/Iphone jailbroken? You can restore it to your old firmware easily and never have to be reminded of it again.
#7 Cycorder and Snapture (Iphone only)
Record video on your Iphone with Cycorder the fully functioning app records at 15 Fps and has sound. Saves videos as MPEG format so you can view them on your computer.
catch fast moving objects with multiple pictures with Snapture
#8 Turn-By-Turn GPS (Iphone only)
with xGPS you can get GPS with voice right on your Iphone theres no more need for that Tom Tom anymore. You can't find any GPS software on the App Store Apple wont allow it.
I hope this helps you make a decision on jailbreaking your Ipod/Iphone.
Did I miss something? If you think I should add something I missed leave your idea in the comments I'll add it as soon as i read it.

New World Record?

You heard me a new world record has been set for texting the original record was a whopping 182,000 texts within one billing period set by an indian man. But that record has recently been shattered by two teenage friends who wanted to get into the guiness book of world records they ended up sending 217,000 texts in one month. Pretty amazing right? Well here's the most amazing part of this story and it's not the record. . . Care to guess what it was? It was the 26 thousand dollar bill that one of the kids received after finding out that he didn't have unlimited texting. So what do you think would you rather have a world record or 26 thousand dollars?

My Personally Recommended Ipod/Iphone apps.

For anyone who Isn't sure what they should download here's a list of third party and apple apps I've enjoyed.
Third Party Applications
Winterboard - helps customize your springboard with Backgrounds, Docks, App icons Batteries and much more.
MxTube - Allows you to download YouTube videos on your Ipod Touch/Iphone and playback without WiFi.
Bossprefs - Settings manager lets you Disable Apple Killswitch (Apple's way of keeping tabs on your Ipod /Iphone by giving them access to removing any app off your Ipod) and being able to hide app icons that you don't use to clean up your springboard.
mQuickDo - For this one if you have $7 lying around its more then worth it it creates a virtual home and power button on your Ipod/Iphone this is probably the first on my list to buy. It comes with a three day trial but after that you have to buy it. This is an excelent app for those of you whos home buttons don't work or just want to extend the life of your device. (Very cheap alternative to buying a new device.)
Backgrounder - Lets you run an app in the background While you use a different app.
Installous - Allows you to download (Almost) any app that's in the App Store for free straight to your device.
NES - Emulator that lets you play NES Roms (games) on your Ipod/Iphone.
snes4iphone - Lets you play Super NES Roms on your Ipod.
gpSPhone - Lets you play GameBoy Advance Roms on your Ipod.
App Store Applications
AIM - Send and receive messages to your friends. Also free unlimited texting to your friends.
TouchGrind - Play with a skateboard on your Ipod/Iphone! Do flips and grinds to raise your score and become the best.
Fast&Furious - Race around the streets and caves just like the movie!
JellyCar - (Free) drive and maneuver your car to the finish.
Real Racing - Definatly one of the best racing games around. Real Racing sets a new bar in iPod Touch driving games.
MGSTouch - Play as snake to kill your enemies in this first person shooter.
Shooter - Love the movie? Play as Bob Lee Swagger to kill the enemies with your sniper rifle.
FieldRunners - Stratically place attack towers so that you can last as long as possible.
iheartradio - (Free) Stream your favorite radio stations straight to your device!
Tweetie - Manage your Twitter account anywhere!P ost, delete and add new people easily.
Wallet - Save all your passwords, bank accounts, and personal info with any password you can remember EVEN supercalifragilistic!! (I wouldn't want to type that in everytime but you get my point...) saves it straight onto your device so your the only one that will ever be able to read whats in it.
FML - Having a bad day? Here's something to cheer you up read about other peoples days from the website Fmylife.com this will bring you happness even during your worst days. (caution!! highly adictive!!) Also a pretty good social tool show your friends and try not to laugh at other peoples misfortune.
These are just some of my personal favorites you may think differently. Think I missed one? Leave your favorites in your comments.

How to add all Cydia sources

Here's a quick tutorial on how to add all Trusted Cydia sources on your jailbroken Ipod Touch 2G/Iphone.
**As a little caution this will slow the loading time of Cydia but it's worth it**
Go down to manually if automatic doesn't work
First, go to the "Sections" tab and Scroll down to "Repositories"

Next, Find the PwnCenter repository

Then install and confirm like you normally would.
For the next step select "Search" then search for "All Sources"Finally install and confirm "All Sources" and enjoy all your new Cydia sources!

First try Automatically this takes more time to do.

Open Cydia, Go to the "Manage" Tab and select "Sources"Then Select at the top "Edit" and "Add"

Add this source in the "Enter Cydia/APT URL"

http://apt.pwncenter.com/Then select "Search" then search for "All Sources"

Finally install and confirm "All Sources" and enjoy all your new Cydia sources!

April 24, 2009

Quick Freedom Jailbreak Error Help

Here's some error codes that I've been asked about so far hope this helps! If your perticuar error isn't on this web log message me and I'll get back to you with the answer.
Here's the programs the errors will fall under
1 LibUSB
2 Quick Freedom
3 Itunes
4 Ipod/Iphone
LibUSB errors
BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! AHH - haha this ones not as bad as people portray it to be its a pretty easy one to fix without having to restore your computer. Here's what you need to do.
1. Restart your computer.
2. During startup press F8 and put your computer into "Safe Mode"
3. Uninstall LibUSB and then put your computer back into mormal mode.
USB Mouse stops working - This one's simple just unplug your mouse and plug it back in.
All USB ports stop working - Uninstall LibUSB and reinstall with compatibility set to windows XP Service pack 2 and run as administrator. if you can't uninstall it because your keyboard don't work follow the steps for the blue screen of death.
Quick Freedom errors
Ipod is not connected - Reinstall LibUSB and set it as administrator.
Error occurred - Are you sure you hit the "Download Firmware" button?
An error occured during process - Close Quickfreedom, Right click and select "Run As Administrator"
Itunes errors
There is not enough memory available (XP Problem) - SSL Cache Full (Follow instructions)
1 Click Start > Control Panel.
2 Double-click Internet Options.
3 On the Content tab, click Clear SSL State.
4 Click OK, when you get the SSL Cache Cleared Successfully message.
5 In the Internet Options window, click OK.
error 1604 - Restart your computer and restart the jailbreaking process.
error 13 - (Follow instructions)
1. Restart your computer.
2. Open itunes and close all other programs.
3. Put Ipod into DFU mode
Ipod touch/Iphone error
Partial Brick(if this works your Ipod wasn't bricked) - Put your Ipod touch/Iphone into DFU mode here's instructions:
1. Unplug your Ipod/Iphone from computer and turn it off.
2. Hold power button(button on top) and home button (square button) for ten seconds, at the same time and plug Ipod/Iphone into computer(the one you were using!!)
3. Let go of Power button and continue holding Home button for about 10 seconds or untill computer recognises Ipod/Iphone.
4. Re-sync Ipod/Iphone to original firmware.
Bricked - There's no such thing, this term was created for people who messed up their PSP's while trying to hack it. It is impossible to brick an Ipod Touch.
I'll add to this blog as i come across new problems if your problem is not here message me Here.
Or E-mail me at Megacratercmc@aol.com