April 24, 2009

Quick Freedom Jailbreak Error Help

Here's some error codes that I've been asked about so far hope this helps! If your perticuar error isn't on this web log message me and I'll get back to you with the answer.
Here's the programs the errors will fall under
1 LibUSB
2 Quick Freedom
3 Itunes
4 Ipod/Iphone
LibUSB errors
BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! AHH - haha this ones not as bad as people portray it to be its a pretty easy one to fix without having to restore your computer. Here's what you need to do.
1. Restart your computer.
2. During startup press F8 and put your computer into "Safe Mode"
3. Uninstall LibUSB and then put your computer back into mormal mode.
USB Mouse stops working - This one's simple just unplug your mouse and plug it back in.
All USB ports stop working - Uninstall LibUSB and reinstall with compatibility set to windows XP Service pack 2 and run as administrator. if you can't uninstall it because your keyboard don't work follow the steps for the blue screen of death.
Quick Freedom errors
Ipod is not connected - Reinstall LibUSB and set it as administrator.
Error occurred - Are you sure you hit the "Download Firmware" button?
An error occured during process - Close Quickfreedom, Right click and select "Run As Administrator"
Itunes errors
There is not enough memory available (XP Problem) - SSL Cache Full (Follow instructions)
1 Click Start > Control Panel.
2 Double-click Internet Options.
3 On the Content tab, click Clear SSL State.
4 Click OK, when you get the SSL Cache Cleared Successfully message.
5 In the Internet Options window, click OK.
error 1604 - Restart your computer and restart the jailbreaking process.
error 13 - (Follow instructions)
1. Restart your computer.
2. Open itunes and close all other programs.
3. Put Ipod into DFU mode
Ipod touch/Iphone error
Partial Brick(if this works your Ipod wasn't bricked) - Put your Ipod touch/Iphone into DFU mode here's instructions:
1. Unplug your Ipod/Iphone from computer and turn it off.
2. Hold power button(button on top) and home button (square button) for ten seconds, at the same time and plug Ipod/Iphone into computer(the one you were using!!)
3. Let go of Power button and continue holding Home button for about 10 seconds or untill computer recognises Ipod/Iphone.
4. Re-sync Ipod/Iphone to original firmware.
Bricked - There's no such thing, this term was created for people who messed up their PSP's while trying to hack it. It is impossible to brick an Ipod Touch.
I'll add to this blog as i come across new problems if your problem is not here message me Here.
Or E-mail me at Megacratercmc@aol.com

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Anonymous said...

hey. i had the An error occured during process thing. i ran it as admin. but i still got it. thou i do get firmwire error. Unable to copy. What do i do?