April 25, 2009

My Personally Recommended Ipod/Iphone apps.

For anyone who Isn't sure what they should download here's a list of third party and apple apps I've enjoyed.
Third Party Applications
Winterboard - helps customize your springboard with Backgrounds, Docks, App icons Batteries and much more.
MxTube - Allows you to download YouTube videos on your Ipod Touch/Iphone and playback without WiFi.
Bossprefs - Settings manager lets you Disable Apple Killswitch (Apple's way of keeping tabs on your Ipod /Iphone by giving them access to removing any app off your Ipod) and being able to hide app icons that you don't use to clean up your springboard.
mQuickDo - For this one if you have $7 lying around its more then worth it it creates a virtual home and power button on your Ipod/Iphone this is probably the first on my list to buy. It comes with a three day trial but after that you have to buy it. This is an excelent app for those of you whos home buttons don't work or just want to extend the life of your device. (Very cheap alternative to buying a new device.)
Backgrounder - Lets you run an app in the background While you use a different app.
Installous - Allows you to download (Almost) any app that's in the App Store for free straight to your device.
NES - Emulator that lets you play NES Roms (games) on your Ipod/Iphone.
snes4iphone - Lets you play Super NES Roms on your Ipod.
gpSPhone - Lets you play GameBoy Advance Roms on your Ipod.
App Store Applications
AIM - Send and receive messages to your friends. Also free unlimited texting to your friends.
TouchGrind - Play with a skateboard on your Ipod/Iphone! Do flips and grinds to raise your score and become the best.
Fast&Furious - Race around the streets and caves just like the movie!
JellyCar - (Free) drive and maneuver your car to the finish.
Real Racing - Definatly one of the best racing games around. Real Racing sets a new bar in iPod Touch driving games.
MGSTouch - Play as snake to kill your enemies in this first person shooter.
Shooter - Love the movie? Play as Bob Lee Swagger to kill the enemies with your sniper rifle.
FieldRunners - Stratically place attack towers so that you can last as long as possible.
iheartradio - (Free) Stream your favorite radio stations straight to your device!
Tweetie - Manage your Twitter account anywhere!P ost, delete and add new people easily.
Wallet - Save all your passwords, bank accounts, and personal info with any password you can remember EVEN supercalifragilistic!! (I wouldn't want to type that in everytime but you get my point...) saves it straight onto your device so your the only one that will ever be able to read whats in it.
FML - Having a bad day? Here's something to cheer you up read about other peoples days from the website Fmylife.com this will bring you happness even during your worst days. (caution!! highly adictive!!) Also a pretty good social tool show your friends and try not to laugh at other peoples misfortune.
These are just some of my personal favorites you may think differently. Think I missed one? Leave your favorites in your comments.

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