June 30, 2013

Free in app purchases (Server Based games)

How To Crack Server Based In App Purchases

I found this hack last night and I instantly decided today that I had to share it with you guys games that need a server check like The Sims: Free Play are now able to be hacked to get free in app purchases. This hack tricks the application into thinking it talks to the server and it even goes as far as generating a fake receipt for the application to read and allow you to get whatever you want from the app. Here's a text walk through for a video walk through look at the bottom or check out my YouTube page.

What You'll Need:
Server Based app (The Sims: Free Play)

First, you'll go into Cydia and install the appstore repo.

Go into your new repo and install the LocalIAPStore hack.

In your settings application scroll down to the LocalIAPStore category and make sure it's enabled and you turn on Generate Custom Receipt.

*Make sure you log out of your iTunes account before doing an in store purchase*

Now go into your application and  buy the addons you want.

*IF you're prompted to log in do not continue*


 Enjoy your new hack!

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June 27, 2013

Free in App purchases (non server based games only)

How to Get Free in App Purchases

Hey guys Carter here, today I'll go over how to get free in app purchases on your jailbroken Apple device. (video below)
What You'll Need:
Jailbroken device
Sinful Iphone Repo (http://sinfuliphonerepo.com)
1. Go to Cydia in your device and add the Sinful iPhone Repo if you don't already have it.
Cydia - Manage - Sources - Edit
2. Search for iAPFree and install.
 3. Go to the application icon and when you open it for the first time it will prompt you to "Download the core Plugin." Make sure you install that plug in or it wont work.

4. I'd recommend logging out of iTunes for the first purchase to make sure the hack worked properly. If you get prompted to purchase or login cancel otherwise you'll end up getting charged for the purchase. It should just take you right through after you hit purchase without any further prompts.

There you go! You now get free in app purchases.

A few apps that are non server based.
Where's the Water
SI Swimsuit 2012/2013

If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know.

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June 26, 2013

Hack The Simpsons Tapped Out!


Alright so, you love the Simpsons Tapped Out but are getting tired of the lack of doughnuts. Well if your device is jailbroken have no fear there's a hack for free doughnuts and by following this video you'll learn not only how to do it but what you'll need for it. If you've done this hack before but haven't done this one watch the full video I go into what's different from the other hacks that used similar methods.

How to hack the simpsons tapped out and get unlimited donuts.

What you need:
iFile (Cydia)
Safari Download Manager (Cydia)
crack file (MediaFire)
The Simpsons Tapped out (Apple Store)

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June 5, 2013

Springtomize reinventing the way you tweak your device.

Springtomize is simplicity in action if you're just getting into jailbreaking or if you have done it for a while and just don't know about this app it is a must have. You can do anything from text color editing to a cover flow design on your dock this is a great way to quickly tweak your device to your liking without having to track down tweak after tweak using Cydia. You can download Springtomize 2 through the BigBoss Repo (for $2.99) or off iHacksRepo (free).  I've created this walk through video to help you figure it all out and to learn some new features. If you have any questions shoot me a message or leave me a comment I'll answer your questions as soon as I get them!