May 31, 2009

Broken home or power buttons? Here's the solution!

Recently I Came across a program called mQuickDo by mcleaner it's basically a virtual home and power button with alot of options other than that. Some of its features are but arn't limited to, option to "Respring" your device, sleep mode (usually done by taping the power button), lock mode, Home, quick access dock, and I love this one it even gives you the option to completely close out an application and ill explain what I mean by that.
When you use the applications Mail and Safari after you close them using the home button those two apps don't completely close out they run in the background and use up precious virtual memory. mQuickDo gives you the option to open up it's menu (slide your finger across the top or bottom depending where you have the quick access bar.) after opening up the menu if you drag an open app the the left side of the screen it will completely close out the app saving you virtual memory to play your games. If you've used one of the apps like FreeMemory you'll know exactly what im talking about since it's basically the same thing.
Also by opening up the mQuickDo menu you can get a quick access dock what this is is you can open up the mQuickDo menu even when other applications are running. When the menu is open at the bottom there is (up to five icons) on the dock you can open. By opening a new app it will automatically close out the app your in and open up the new one. Another cool feature of the quick access dock is it puts a dock on your lock screen so if you open your lockscreen there will be the dock if you use the dock it will unlock your device and start the app (this will turn off your passcode if you have one).
This app is avalible in Cydia after you add "All Sources" unfortunatly this is not a free app it costs 8 dollars but they do give you a free 3 day trial. this is a great app if your buttons arn't working correctly and your out of warranty. Even if your buttons arn't broken I still Recommend it just because it will extend the life of your device. Eight bucks is a hell of a lot less then 2 -3 hundred
Here's a direct link to the mQuickDo part of mcleaners website.
While your at it they make good products so check those out also.

May 23, 2009

Ipod Completely and Helplessly Frozen? Not Anymore!

Yesterday my friend gave me his Ipod touch 2G which he thought might be completely frozen so I took a look at it and I found the solution is farly easy but took some time to complete. Also today I was searching the web and I found out someone else was having the same problem so I know it wasn't just a freak accident. Here's the steps to fix your problem.

1. Turn off your Ipod Touch.
2. unplug it from your computer if it was plugged in.
3. Put it into DFU mode. (don't worry if it doesn't get past the boot logo it can still go into DFU mode.) instructions below if you don't know how to do it.
4. if Itunes opens up saying it recognises an ipod in restore mode youve done it right so far.
5. Download the origional Firmware from Itunes or from Here. (this will take about 20 mins.)
6. Restore your Ipod to the origional Firmware.
If all that works your ipod will be fixed and if you want to you can re-jailbreak it.

How to put Ipods into DFU mode.
1. Unplug Ipod touch from computer and turn off.
2. Hold Power and Home buttons while you plug ipod in. (hold for ten seconds.)
3. let go of power and continue holding home until itunes recognises it as ipod in restore mode.

May 15, 2009

Old Programs

OK so last Monday I was tired of my computer running kind of slowly so for that reason mostly and because of an pesky virus I accidentally downloaded I decided that the easiest way to fix my problems was to reformat my computer so until yesterday my computer was down for maintenance while I reformated it and redownloaded the updates and drivers for it. Anyway today as I was deleting the old files from my old setup I found a couple of games I created for my programing class and some other random programs. So I decided what the heck I'll upload them to Megaupload and see what people think. Now keep in mind these arn't games that you'll find on any professionally done CD but they are kinda fun and no installation is necessary to run them they don't take up any room practically since both of them are 600kb put together.

The first game I have uploaded is Roulette its a very easy layout and can give you about ten minutes of entertainment for free (pretty good huh?) Since I did this for a class I didn't put a save feature which would have been cool and I wish I did. You start with 5000 and any money you put in the bank increases with every roll.

The second game I have is Tic-Tac-Toe for this game to have any fun you should use 2 people since there's no "computer" feature. At the bottom of the game it tells you whos turn it is so you never get lost halfway through the game.

Anyway like I said pretty ameture games but hey 5 mins of entertainment is worth something right? Anyway if you choose to download them tell me what you think good or bad I don't mind feedback is good no matter what kind.

May 11, 2009

Internet Help Caution

Ok here's a point I feel I must bring up. Recently (before I jailbroke
my Ipod) I was looking for safe effective ways to do it and I stumbled
across a site ( which had a way to jailbreak Ipods with
what they say works well while looking at the site I noticed that there
method was very outdated so to make sure it didn't work I read their
comments and found that every comment was from a person who had
trouble. Well naturally I posted a comment saying that I had a way to
do it safely so people wouldn't have problems. To post comments on
their site you had to sign up. Ever since signing up I've recieved
email upon email that were comments from more people having problems.
More and more people were falling victom to the internets outdated
information so by writing this I'm hoping to keep at least one
person from becoming a victom.

Here's some things to look for so you don't become like the others.
1. Make sure your using the best version.

2. If the site lets people comment read the comments if there's alot of
bad comments Ex. (This made my computer crash! Help!) if you see that
and there's no response from the site administrator then steer clear.

3. Make sure you know what your doing! ask around if there's some one
who knows what there doing ask some questions. I'm always avalible for
questions on my youtube site I know alot about computers and I can
possibly help out.

4. If it seems like it's to complicated there probably is an easier way.

5. Don't trust everything you read on the internet you could download
or use something incorrectly and end up messing up your computer.

Always be sure of everything on the list if you have questions ask me
and I'll help I will help you as much as possible to build up trust with
my viewers.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a little shout out to all you mothers out there to have a good time on your special day. I'm right now about to get my mom a present for today I might post a twitter picture when i get it so follow me on twitter to see what i get!

Here's a little quote from former president Bush about mothers I've thought was funy.
"If your a single mother with two children, which is the toughest job in america as far as I'm concerned, and your working hard to put food on your family" ~George W Bush

On an unrelated note I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything lately I've been busy with school and I'll add a new youtube video on my channel soon (probably next weekend) and add more posts on here (hopefully sooner). But like always if you ever have questions I answer them as soon as i get them.