June 11, 2009

Cracked Apps Getting Deleted During iTunes Sync?

Until now everytime I would try to sync my Cracked .IPA's to iTunes they would just be removed altho I don't know the exact cause of why it's doing it I have figured out some ways to fix it.

1. Go into Installous and under settings switch the "iTunes Sync" switch to off. This will make it so the cracked .IPA's will not be removed from iTunes but they also wont get added to your iTunes library in the case your apps get removed from your jailbroken device you will need to redownload them all. So this is just masking the problem.

2. This will actually fix the problem to a point. If you want to be able to sync your apps to iTunes so you can remove them and readd them later you will need to get on your computer and go to the appulo website: www.appulo.us this is the desktop version of your Installous app. Search the app you want to add to your iTunes library and download it to the file:
C:\Users\Your Username\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications.
If your Mobile Applications file isn't there open up your iTunes and under the Applications right click any app and select if on vista "Show in Windows Explorer" this might be different on an XP computer. After adding the files to that folder go into iTunes and add the files to the library by going File -> Add Folder to Library then select the Mobile Applications folder. As soon as those files are added to your library you can sync the apps to your device.

As soon as I find out how to sync it from Installous to iTunes I'll post it.

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Anonymous said...

have you found out how to fix it?