May 15, 2009

Old Programs

OK so last Monday I was tired of my computer running kind of slowly so for that reason mostly and because of an pesky virus I accidentally downloaded I decided that the easiest way to fix my problems was to reformat my computer so until yesterday my computer was down for maintenance while I reformated it and redownloaded the updates and drivers for it. Anyway today as I was deleting the old files from my old setup I found a couple of games I created for my programing class and some other random programs. So I decided what the heck I'll upload them to Megaupload and see what people think. Now keep in mind these arn't games that you'll find on any professionally done CD but they are kinda fun and no installation is necessary to run them they don't take up any room practically since both of them are 600kb put together.

The first game I have uploaded is Roulette its a very easy layout and can give you about ten minutes of entertainment for free (pretty good huh?) Since I did this for a class I didn't put a save feature which would have been cool and I wish I did. You start with 5000 and any money you put in the bank increases with every roll.

The second game I have is Tic-Tac-Toe for this game to have any fun you should use 2 people since there's no "computer" feature. At the bottom of the game it tells you whos turn it is so you never get lost halfway through the game.

Anyway like I said pretty ameture games but hey 5 mins of entertainment is worth something right? Anyway if you choose to download them tell me what you think good or bad I don't mind feedback is good no matter what kind.

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