May 11, 2009

Internet Help Caution

Ok here's a point I feel I must bring up. Recently (before I jailbroke
my Ipod) I was looking for safe effective ways to do it and I stumbled
across a site ( which had a way to jailbreak Ipods with
what they say works well while looking at the site I noticed that there
method was very outdated so to make sure it didn't work I read their
comments and found that every comment was from a person who had
trouble. Well naturally I posted a comment saying that I had a way to
do it safely so people wouldn't have problems. To post comments on
their site you had to sign up. Ever since signing up I've recieved
email upon email that were comments from more people having problems.
More and more people were falling victom to the internets outdated
information so by writing this I'm hoping to keep at least one
person from becoming a victom.

Here's some things to look for so you don't become like the others.
1. Make sure your using the best version.

2. If the site lets people comment read the comments if there's alot of
bad comments Ex. (This made my computer crash! Help!) if you see that
and there's no response from the site administrator then steer clear.

3. Make sure you know what your doing! ask around if there's some one
who knows what there doing ask some questions. I'm always avalible for
questions on my youtube site I know alot about computers and I can
possibly help out.

4. If it seems like it's to complicated there probably is an easier way.

5. Don't trust everything you read on the internet you could download
or use something incorrectly and end up messing up your computer.

Always be sure of everything on the list if you have questions ask me
and I'll help I will help you as much as possible to build up trust with
my viewers.

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