June 4, 2009

Love the SIMS?

Well as of Yesterday June 03 The Sims 3 has been released on the Ipod Touch/Iphone. With great graphics and the traditional sims music. This is one of the better games avalible on Apple devices. It's easy to use and fun to play, If you love The Sims this is definately a great game to get. You can have Three sims per Ipod/Iphone. In the App Store this game will go for $9.99 (but its already been added to installous) it has already won the IGN Editor's Choice and PocketGamer Gold Award with a 9/10.

Here's some of the features.

Create a Sim - change the personality, clothing, hair, shoes, all the normal mumbo jumbo usually avalible in the Sims games.

Explore Locations - Walk around your neighborhood (no two neighborhoods will be the same), and explore around town.

Keep 'em satisfied - like usual you will have to keep them fed, hydrated, social, entertained, clean and energized all to keep them happy.

Dream Big - there are 73 Goals to unlock from gardening to cooking, even kicking over garbage cans is a goal!

Long live the sims - like always your sims can reproduce and if you keep your family alive the game will never end!

Some problems with this game I have already found include: Game uses alot of memory and if your listening to music it has a tendency to fource quit, There arn't a ton of options to choose for your sims style there's probably about five options per category, if it closes during the tutorial it will restart from the begining So Stop Your Music!
I've just started playing this game so I'll update what I think of it as I go.

Here's some Pics of it I took:

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H2O said...

Thanks pal! Have been playing the Sims 3 in my PC for ages and now i can do it in my iPod 2!