April 25, 2009

Why Jailbreak?

There are alot of people that ask why would I want to jailbreak my Ipod or Iphone? There are over 2 million jailbroken Ipods/Iphones out there
Rumor One - Jailbreaking your Ipod/Iphone shortens the battery life.
Truth - This is not true the only reason it would seem that way is people tend to use their Ipods/Iphones more often. My solution? Turn your backlight down or off this will extend your battery life.
Rumor Two - You can "Brick" your Ipod/Iphone by jailbreaking it.
Truth - It's nearly impossibe to brick your Ipod/Iphone to "Brick" your Ipod/Iphone you have to destroy the hardware pretty much any software issue that people say "Bricked" their Ipod/Iphone can be fixed.
Rumor Three -Jailbreaking voids your wannanty.
Truth - 99% of the time you can restore your Ipod/Iphone before you bring it back to Apple the other 1% of the time your Ipod/Iphone is so messed up that they wouldn't be able to read the software.
Rumor Four - Jailbreaking Slows your Ipod/Iphone.
Truth - The jailbreak doesn't slow your Ipod/Iphone some users Ipod/Iphones are slow because they have way to many apps on their device so if yours starts running slow delete the old apps you don't use anymore.
Now here's some reasons why you should jailbreak your device.
#1 Installous
Download almost any App Store application for free straight onto your Ipod Touch/Iphone and be able to sync them to Itunes just like if you used the App Store. Search through games, books, photography even weather to find that app that you wanted.
#2 Use Winterboard and Cydia to download and install themes to your Ipod/Iphone
Tired of the black background and boring Sliders? Well all you need is Cydia and Winterboard. Use Cydia to search through thousands of themes and find that perfect theme (I'm working on my own layout creator for download I'll upload it soon) Don't want any static background? There are backgrounds that change picture every so often and also video backgrounds.
#3 Thousands of third party apps to download
With Apple's way to strict rules of what can and can't be sold in their app store also with the 100 dollar service charge many good apps wont ever get seen in the app store but with your jailbroken Ipod/Iphone you'll have access to more apps then you can handle so go wild.
#4 BossPrefs
adds more settings to your Ipod/Iphone don't want bluetooth or Wifi on to save battery? Turn them off here partially manage your mail app here. Add a numeric battery icon to your status bar. Find out how much free disk space there is on your Ipod/Iphone without having to use your computer. Disable Apple's killswitch so they can't remove apps they don't like off your Ipod/Iphone. Last but not least Hide Icons we all have icons we don't use and don't want to look at (Itunes, Stocks, Etc. . .) with Hide Icons you can remove those pesky icons from your springboard.
#5 OpenSSH
Manually manage your Ipod/Iphone's directorys with OpenSSH thousands of possibilities. Change your themes add Roms for your emulators and much more. Caution how you use it you could delete or romove something you need.
#6 Completely Reversible
Don't like your Ipod/Iphone jailbroken? You can restore it to your old firmware easily and never have to be reminded of it again.
#7 Cycorder and Snapture (Iphone only)
Record video on your Iphone with Cycorder the fully functioning app records at 15 Fps and has sound. Saves videos as MPEG format so you can view them on your computer.
catch fast moving objects with multiple pictures with Snapture
#8 Turn-By-Turn GPS (Iphone only)
with xGPS you can get GPS with voice right on your Iphone theres no more need for that Tom Tom anymore. You can't find any GPS software on the App Store Apple wont allow it.
I hope this helps you make a decision on jailbreaking your Ipod/Iphone.
Did I miss something? If you think I should add something I missed leave your idea in the comments I'll add it as soon as i read it.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that you can download any song of video for free?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that once you jailbreak your iPod that you can get any songs or movies for free?