May 18, 2013

Why Jailbreak Updated for IOS 6.0.1 - 6.1.2

Hey jailbreakers,

I thought I'd  update my old post on why you should jailbreak your device. Most of the information I would tell you is the same as before but there are some differences since my last post. 

What is Jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is the act of accessing the root of a device that way you can put a third party product on the device allowing for a more open source for design, programs or use ability.

Here's some reasons why you should join the lot of us who jailbreak.

1. The whole jailbreak process takes less than ten minutes thanks to envasiOn unlike before when you had to install two programs, find the correct firmware, start the jailbreak process, and restart two or three times because something went wrong. Now all you have to do is download one program, put the device into DFU mode and the program does the rest.

2. Once again bricking your device and voiding the warranty are uncommon restoring the uncracked firmware fixes the warranty question and resetting DFU mode will allow you to restart the jailbreak.

3. Customization! Apple's idevices easily still have the market when it comes to smart devices so why do you want the outside and inside to look and function the same? Add some flair and personality.

After you jailbreak the world off possibilities is endless... Well you still can't make your phone turn into a transformer but aside from that it allows you to change the looks, add new exciting apps and software to your current device.

Some of my favorite apps and hacks for jailbroken devices are as follows:

1. Springtomize - this should be one of your starting points for your device it gives you lots of different options for your device: changing the carrier logo, adding more apps to the dock, lockscreen hacks, animations, Even adding a background to the incredibly bland NOtification center all among other little hacks and changes.

2. iFile $4 - allows you to access the root of your device to change apps manage old files and lots of other options. Warning: you can actually damage your system with this app so be aware of what you're getting into.

3. Camera Tweak $.99 - one of my favorite tweaks gives you a bunch of powerful functions in the stock camera app like time delay and multi-photo.

4. Pandora Downloader - I love music so naturally when I found this tweak to the pandora app I had to have it. This tweak gives you unlimited skips, removes ads. And allows you to download the song.

That's all the aps I'm going to promote for this post I tried to stay away from ones other people say all the time like Auxo and safari downloader. Any apps you recommend to fresh starters?

Thanks again for reading!

P.s. here's the Devs that allow us to enjoy the freedom of jailbreaking:

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