May 28, 2013

Apple confirms that iOS 7 will be at the WWDC conference

I'm sure you all have heard countless rumors about apples iOS 7 that will be unveiled next month during the WWDC Conference. The conference will start with Apple's confirmation that they will lead the pack unveiling it's new design first. Jonathan Ive has completely changed the look of Scott Forstall's software most of us have become more than comfortable with.

So far what I've come to understand about the new design are more like the Windows phone than I would have ever thought Apple would come to a Windows product. The changes that are said to take place are features like flat icons that have individual colors, lose their shine, shadow and have flat white textures. In addition to the change of icons there are changes such as the linen and leather backgrounds of the calendar and Notification Center to go with once again a more flat look. Some wishes have been answered from jailbreakers like what sounds like an easy toggle for bluetooth, Wifi and airplane mode. We may even see a weather Widget show up in the new iOS as well. Even though there will be all these massive changes to the iOS looks the overall functionality of the device sounds like it will be the same all the changes will be for the most part cosmetic but that doesn't mean more wont change.

The general consensus is that the new iOS will release alongside the new iPhone this coming Fall with no official release date announced. Things could be getting more interesting when the look of what seems to be most of the Apple line up may be getting a revamp for this new iOS release. 

The thing we can all look forward to is with a brand new iOS releasing along with new hardware on the devices we can count on lots of bugs and an easy jailbreak for Apples new setup.

Are you ready for the new iOS? What do you think about the revamp?

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