May 20, 2013

Troubleshooting walk through 6.0.1 - 6.1.2.

Welcome to the troubleshooting part of my blog I'll keep this post updated with issues that occur in IOS 6.0.1 - 6.1.2 to help you guys track down that tweak or app that causes your device to respring, crash or freeze hopefully help you guys cut down countless hours of troubleshooting.. I'll mainly post the tweaks and apps that usually cause problems.

Auxo - A memory leak occurs in this app causing your device to crash when the home button is double tapped.

Protube 2 - Uses the YouTube application as a primary but if you update your YouTube app you can find yourself having the app crash a lot.

Springtomize - This app can cause a few Issues so I'll walk you through them
Lockscreen Notification center - This tweak can cause a frozen lockscreen when the notification center is in  use.
Hidden slider tweak -Has the potential of keeping you from unlocking your device, If this happens restart your device and hold the volume up button.

Weather app - In iOS 6x a corrupted file makes the stock Weather app crash if you download iOS 6.x weather app fix it will replace only that one file allowing you to use the app again.

Winterboard - If you use a full theme on this app I'd recommend removing some tweaks you're not so fond of because this tweak will suck tons of memory making your device very very slow hope you brought a book!

Let me know what I missed I'll update with new info as I come across it!

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