May 18, 2013

iPhone IOS 7 Jailbreak

Hey guys looks like Apple will be releasing their new IOS 7 sometime around September. Unfortunately for you guys who have the 4s device or later (or the 4 who don't want to go tethered) you'll have to wait till the next generation of IOS comes out to jailbreak your new device.

So what's to come of IOS 7? I've heard rumors of a new design which could be anything from an IOS with both Windows phone and Android features or a simpler design in other aspects. I believe apple should take a page or two out of the jailbreaker handbook and make a couple features more accessible as well as make some changes app wise. Here's my thoughts.

1. Hide apps
 It's no secret apple has put a few junk apps on everyone's device (newsstand, passbook, and their maps app) and most people have a junk folder because of it. So why not allow us to hide some apps we don't want to see.

2. Widgets
 Android has made lots of use of widgets on their devices and it's a nice touch to some degree, I'm not saying go overboard but would a weather widget be out of the question on the lockscreen or in the NC center?

3. System prefs shortcuts
 As jailbreakers we like things easier than apple has laid out for us we like our cake to not only to come to us but to be specially designed and come with a fork that feeds us. So why not add a couple quick access system controls in the notification center or one flick over from the volume control in the multi-tasking tray. Just toggles like airplane mode, wi-fi, bluetooth, and the backlight.

4. Active Dock
 This little hack on jailbroken devices is one of my favorite simple, but gives your device that extra flare. Seriously Apple you're already using it on your computers, just bring it to your other products.

Anyway that does it for my IOS 7 info for now tell me what you think, what should Apple do to their new IOS?
Finally, What do you guys want to see in this blog? More tutorials, more reviews. Let me know if there's something you want to see or know more about.

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