May 17, 2013

Movies for free?

Movie must have? Check out Movie Box on Jailbroken Devices seriously best app ever it's like Netflix, and Hulu had a baby and this baby is free. Only one small ad at the bottom of the app but you get movies, TV and some Music Videos all for no cash out of your pocket. I've been watching my favorite TV shows the day after they air (yeah they update it that fast). I almost forgot to mention you can download any movie and TV show right off the app and save it for later watching when you have no internet connection (any flights coming up?) I'm more pleased with this app than I am with Netflix and I've been using that service since 2006. Download it you wont be displeased.
If you like that app check out Music Box same company (obviously) but any songs you want right then? I've found some songs of my favorite Aussie Hip-Hop artists I haven't been anywhere else (I wonder why... Hmmmm) Seriously another app you wont hate me for if you download.

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