June 26, 2013

Hack The Simpsons Tapped Out!


Alright so, you love the Simpsons Tapped Out but are getting tired of the lack of doughnuts. Well if your device is jailbroken have no fear there's a hack for free doughnuts and by following this video you'll learn not only how to do it but what you'll need for it. If you've done this hack before but haven't done this one watch the full video I go into what's different from the other hacks that used similar methods.

How to hack the simpsons tapped out and get unlimited donuts.

What you need:
iFile (Cydia)
Safari Download Manager (Cydia)
crack file (MediaFire)
The Simpsons Tapped out (Apple Store)

Also check out my YouTube for other jailbreak related information!

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